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How to care for your second best asset, your ears

Jono Heale, from ACS talks to Paul Checkley – Harley Street Hearing & Musicians’ Hearing Services Clinical Director about hearing, how and why singers and musicians can damage this important sensory organ, and how to go about protecting this valuable asset.

Paul explains how the ear works, how it can get damaged, which particular frequencies and exposure times cause hearing loss and how to conserve your hearing as a singer/musicians. Did you know that our ears continue to grow throughout our lives? Weird, but true. It does mean you need to have your ear plugs and IEMs redone throughout your career.

The Musicians Hearing Health Scheme – brought to you in partnership with Help Musicians UK,  Musicians’ Hearing Services and the Musicians’ Union. This scheme gives all professional musicians in the UK affordable access to specialist hearing assessments and custom fitted hearing protection.

For a one-off fee of £40 (£30 for MU members) you will receive a package worth over £200.   

To apply for the Scheme  click here

Interview was carried out for iSing Magazine – a hub for singers with find reliable information, resources and advice about all things singing.

Feeling her ears were blocked reporter Coral Barry came into see our audiologist Jaspreet Bahra.

Jaspreet carried out the fastest, least intrusive form of wax removal – microsuction.

Come to our clinics in Golders Green and Harley Street, the cost of wax removal is £80. Appointments are normally available within 24 hours, for the next suitable appointment call 020 8455 6361Why not also have a hearing test at the same time for £90.

For the Metro feature link click here

Dear Paul, I just wanted to thank you most profusely for my new pair of Phonak hearing aids. For me the biggest step forward in twenty years after using all the aids under the sun!  Your professionalism and enthusiasm were a breath of fresh air.  Many thanks again.

Clewin Hughes

The excellent service I received exceeded all my expectations.  I felt that with Mr Paul Checkley, I was in the hands of a first rate audiologist.  Thanks to his expertise and patience, my hearing has improved and with that, my quality of life. I would like to add how courteously all clients are treated by Lavinia, the office manager at North London Hearing. I feel very lucky to have found this establishment and recommend it warmly.

Dr Anne Bennett

I have genuinely found North London Hearing to be flexible, extremely helpful, supportive & friendly.

Dr Sue Van Colle, Songwriter

“When I attended meetings at work it was always so difficult to hear that it made me feel stressed and tired. Although I have always had a hearing loss, I have never wanted to wear a hearing aid. Thanks to my tiny Lyric device, I can hear perfectly and no-one can tell I have a hearing aid. Its unbelievable, I can hear the rustle of paper and even hear my watch ticking. As for music it just sounds beautiful.

Thanks to my Lyric instruments and the professional staff at Harley Street Hearing it’s like a whole new hearing world has opened-up to me. Even if it cost twice as much it would be worth every penny!”


Paul Miller

“The moment that Paul Checkley fitted my tiny hearing instrument I started laughing again. How absolutely amazing to be able to hear all those consonants, crackling sounds, tinkling water, whispers and even my own voice again.

Life had become exhausting trying to process every conversation, communication a chore, work difficult and socialising impossible. I realised I was isolating myself and this was the main reason along with annoying tinnitus that I decided to take action. I had no idea the process was so simple and so life changing. It has actually kicked all my senses into being and diminished the ringing in my ears.

The only thing visible to others is the smile on my face. My advice would be no matter what your age don’t delay do it today!”

Jill McGregor

Paul Kennedy“I was recommended Harley Street Hearing by my hearing specialist. After being fitted with an in-the-ear hearing aid, which is almost invisible, my life has changed dramatically. Of course, a hearing instrument is not the restoration of perfect hearing, but the improvement in my ability to listen has been dramatic.

The quiet spoken colleague across the desk at work can now be heard; I do not have to worry in a crowded room and I am able to hear multiple conversations and not feel that I am missing anything. Even hearing the clock in my kitchen tick – I have had it for 10 years and never realised it made a noise. The most dramatic impact has been on my ability to listen to music. I listen to a lot of music and over the years had gradually being playing the volume at very high levels to be able to hear.

My hearing aid has a special program that adjusts when listening to music to give the full dynamic range, not only do I listen at much lower volumes – making my wife and neighbours happy – the quality of what I can hear has improved to the point where very familiar pieces sound new and fresh.

If you have a hearing loss problem, there are technologies available today that can change your life – it has for me.”

Paul Kennedy

“I’ve had difficulties with hearing particular pitches for some time. I was always asking people to repeat things but always put off doing anything about it, as I never realised just what a difference hearing aids could make. When I returned to University recently, I felt that I was missing important points in lectures and knew I had to do something to address the issue.

Harley St. Hearing were exceptionally professional, knowledgable and accommodating in fitting my miniature hearing aids, which are extremely discreet. I can hear general day to day conversations so much better now and don’t miss anything in lectures anymore””

Paul Whelan

“If you want expert advice and care from a group that is not tied to one manufacturer then Harley Street Hearing is the place to go”

Retired Surgeon Dr J.H.

male_sil-150x150[1]“Being only 28 years old and requiring a hearing aid, might sound like the worst thing in the world, but most people I meet don’t even know that I’m wearing one. Over the last few years my hearing has deteriorated, but it hasn’t affected me nearly as much as it could have. I still go to lots of gigs, and sometimes, I even think my hearing is better than my friends, especially when there is background noise. All thanks to Harley Street Hearing and the Phonak Exelia which they have supplied me with.

The service I received was impeccable throughout. Thanks guys, you’ve made a massive difference to my life!”

David Worrell

As a DJ I knew I should be protecting my hearing, I often have ringing in my ears after a gig. I tried the foam plugs but they just made everything sound dull.

Then I heard about Musicians Hearing Services. They made me custom fitted specialist earplugs which make things quieter but keep the fidelity of the sound. The service was great and the staff were knowledgeable and friendly.

Now I won’t play a set without my earplugs.

Matthew Horne

Musicians Hearing Services

Musicians Hearing Services

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