Karen Hardy – Strictly Come Dancing winner

“I have not heard properly in my left ear since I was a little girl and I was conscious of wearing a hearing aid when I was younger and so as a result of attention from other kids in class I stopped wearing it.

When Paul Checkley from Harley Street Hearing first fitted my new, tiny, Lyric I could not believe how clearly I could hear. I instantly knew for the first time in years, where sound was coming from and I could actually hear when people were speaking to me from a distance.

I can now hear much better in a crowded room and the device is so discreet no one knows I’m wearing it. I can dance freely wearing it, quite simply, it has changed my life”.

To see Karen’s full story see a recent article in the Daily Mirror http://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/health/karen-hardy-doctors-said-my-hearing-1494754


Karen Hardy(Strictly Come Dancing winner)

Please link to www.karenhardy.com  or www.karenhardystudios.com

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