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At our North London clinic, based at the Wellington Diagnostics and Outpatients Centre, Golders Green we carry out ear wax removal.

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Our team of earcare practitioners are fully qualified clinical audiologists who carry out microsuction with precision accuracy using high-spec examination microscopes. The microscopes have x20 magnification allowing unrivalled visibility and depth perception so we can work safely in the ear canal.

A gentle suction device is used to remove earwax under a microscope.  The procedure is quick, safe and painless, and doesn’t involve putting liquid into your ear.


A pressurised flow of water, using an ear irrigator, is used to remove earwax.  The water is a similar temperature to your body. Ear irrigation is painless, your ear may feel strange as the water is sprayed around your ear canal.

This method is not advised if you have an ear infection or history of ear infections.

Ear Wax  

Wax (or Cerumen)  is produced by glands in the ear canal. It is an important part of the ear’s natural defence because it has natural lubricating properties and contains an anti-bacterial agent to help prevent infections.

Because ear wax is sticky and moist, it helps to trap foreign bodies and debris. Wax only forms in the outer third of the ear canal and usually, slowly works its way out of the ear, bringing debris with it (rather like a natural cleaning system for the ear).

Impacted Ear Wax

Wax is most likely to block the ear canal when it is pushed into the ear-canal by cotton-buds, hairpins, paperclips and other objects that people  put in their ears.  The most recognisable  symptom is partial loss of hearing but other symptoms include itching, coughing, ringing, fullness and sometimes pain.

Wax should only be removed by trained professionals. Don’t be fooled by Ear Candles either.  You ears are very precious so don’t try to remove yourself.

Ear Wax Build Up

We recommend that you use a couple of drops of warm olive oil (or softening drops which can be bought at any chemist) 2-4 times a day which can help to soften the wax, one of our registered Clinical Ear Practitioners can remove it for you quickly, safely and without any pain.  The charge is £80.

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