In ear monitors

For years musicians and other sound professionals have used custom in-ear monitors for the highest degree of comfort and noise isolation on stage.

Now all smart phone users can benefit from the same technology – many In-Ear Monitors are based on technology developed for hearing aids so levels of accuracy are exceptionally high, enhancing small details in music that you didn’t even know existed.



In ear monitors offer lots of benefits to the performer as well as the audience:-

  • Complete freedom of movement for the artist
  • Volume control, safeguard hearing, reduce voice fatigue
  • A clear and uncluttered stage, improving audience sightlines
  • Improvement in monitoring sound quality, more precise, more consistent

64Audio_A1 black backgroundWe are recommended by all the main manufacturers of In-Ear Monitors, simply call on  020 8455 6361 for the next available appointment. One of our trained audiologists will take your unique ear impressions and discuss your requirements with you. Check out what each manufacturer can offer click here


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