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Without my Lyric hearing aids I would not be able to work as a teacher

“Going to North London Hearing has changed my life so much for the better. Without my Lyric hearing aids I would not be able to work as a teacher, would be nervous of going into company and I think would also be in danger from not hearing traffic etc. I first went to North London Hearing … [read more]

Ahh – the joy of sound after microsuction

“I have just had microsuction treatment at your clinic for impacted ear wax which was proving very stubborn to remove. I was treated by Ayesha, she was truly professional and sympathetic with a caring attitude. May I take this opportunity to thank her for returning my hearing to normal, I’m truly delighted.  Ahh, – the joy of sound.  Your receptionist took my … [read more]

Hearing aids for Music – Eric Hill

Playing and listening to music, especially the acoustic classical guitar, has been central to my life. After far too many years putting up with  tinnitus, (a hissing radiator sound), and a habit of frequently asking people  to repeat words, I conquered my professional musician, psychological barriers to wearing hearing aids and sought help. I first … [read more]

Hearing loss restored to Conductor – David Temple

“Hearing loss for anyone can be hard to cope with but if you are conductor of music, it can be career threatening.  A couple of years ago, I acquired a hearing aid on the NHS which I was reasonably happy with but in the past year I have gone for a new ‘in-ear’ hearing aid … [read more]

David Hammond – Lyric has literally changed my life

It was not until about 20 years ago that I acknowledged that I had a hearing problem that needed to be addressed.  Over this period I have been fitted with a very wide range of hearing aids, some of which were astronomically expensive, but none offered me a complete substitute for my natural hearing capability.  … [read more]

Clewin Hughes

Dear Paul, I just wanted to thank you most profusely for my new pair of Phonak hearing aids. For me the biggest step forward in twenty years after using all the aids under the sun!  Your professionalism and enthusiasm were a breath of fresh air.  Many thanks again. Clewin Hughes

Dr Anne Bennett – patient service

The excellent service I received exceeded all my expectations.  I felt that with Mr Paul Checkley, I was in the hands of a first rate audiologist.  Thanks to his expertise and patience, my hearing has improved and with that, my quality of life. I would like to add how courteously all clients are treated by … [read more]

Dr Sue Van Colle, Songwriter

I have genuinely found North London Hearing to be flexible, extremely helpful, supportive & friendly. Dr Sue Van Colle, Songwriter


I remember it was a colleague at London Weekend Television who said to me, when I could no longer cope adequately with the multi sound sources during a live production, “You need hearing aids.  Good ones too”.  And she was right. I started with one aid from the NHS but it wasn’t the revelation I … [read more]

Paul Miller

“When I attended meetings at work it was always so difficult to hear that it made me feel stressed and tired. Although I have always had a hearing loss, I have never wanted to wear a hearing aid. Thanks to my tiny Lyric device, I can hear perfectly and no-one can tell I have a … [read more]

Jill McGregor

“The moment that Paul Checkley fitted my tiny hearing instrument I started laughing again. How absolutely amazing to be able to hear all those consonants, crackling sounds, tinkling water, whispers and even my own voice again. Life had become exhausting trying to process every conversation, communication a chore, work difficult and socialising impossible. I realised … [read more]

Paul Kennedy

“I was recommended Harley Street Hearing by my hearing specialist. After being fitted with an in-the-ear hearing aid, which is almost invisible, my life has changed dramatically. Of course, a hearing instrument is not the restoration of perfect hearing, but the improvement in my ability to listen has been dramatic. The quiet spoken colleague across … [read more]

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