Bernafon Hearing Aids

Bernafon’s hearing aids are high performance and offer a wide range of features and benefits:

  • Designed ergonomically for comfort whilst also being discreet
  • Integrated technology compatible with apps and wireless accessories
  • Rechargeable for all day power on select models

Alpha XT hearing aid


The first rechargeable hearing aid with Hybrid Technology™, Bernafon Alpha optimises speech understanding and listening comfort in different listening environments with adjustable settings.





Alpha XT

Bernafon’s best rechargeable hearing aids are their Alpha XT range. Featuring the manufacturer’s most advanced Hybrid Technology™ including their new Hybrid Sound Care™ feature, they are designed for complete listening comfort with protection from wind and noise to enhance speech understanding.




bernafon zerena


Benafon Zerena is an in-the-ear hearing aid that excels in naturally and accurately amplifying sounds whilst focusing on speech in noisy environments. Designed to deliver the most optimal speech understanding and music quality through a discreet device that’s almost invisible.




bernafon leox


Designed for those with severe and profound hearing loss, Bernafon Leox is the first True Environment Processing™ Super Power | Ultra Power hearing aid. The hearing aid features incredibly powerful amplification and realistic sound perception to improve speech understanding and communication. It’s a great option for children, too.




bernafon viron


Bernafon Viron is the perfect solution for active individuals who often find themselves in challenging listening situations, featuring their True Environment Processing™ technology. Available in 5 performance categories and various styles, it’s easily customised to your individual needs.




We choose from all manufacturer’s hearing aids to perfectly select the best hearing aids for you.

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