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Hearing Test & Consultation

Do you think you may have hearing loss? Here’s some tell tale signs: Are you turning the volume up on your TV or radio? Do you struggle to keep up with the conversation in noisy environments? If you suspect you may have hearing loss, it’s important to have a hearing consultation with a qualified healthcare … [read more]

Festive Opening Hours

North London Hearing Clinic Opening Hours Our hearing clinic are open over the festive period. Please call 020 8455 6361 if you need advice or you’d like an appointment for: Ear wax removal Hearing testing Hearing aid repairs Tinnitus management APD Treatment Custom made ear plugs for hearing protection We are open as follows over … [read more]

Instant Ear Wax Removal

Microsuction If you have blocked ears we normally have appointments available within 24 hours for an £80 fee. Our highly trained clinical audiologists will remove the wax by microsuction. A gentle suction device is used to remove earwax under a microscope carried out with precision accuracy using high-spec examination microscopes.  This gives your audiologist x20 … [read more]

Hearsay 10 Newsletter

Our latest newsletter highlighting everything new at North London Hearing, Harley Street Hearing and Musicians’ Hearing Services. Click on the image to read in full. We are proud to be London’s largest, and longest serving, independent hearing clinic. Our head office has been established on Harley Street for over 25 years. Whatever your hearing needs … [read more]

New Oticon Own hearing aids

Oticon Own hearing aids Looking for new invisible hearing technology? Every ear shape is unique like your fingertips so you need a customised hearing aid. Oticon have introduced the new ‘Own’ custom-made hearing aid which is built on technology that supports your brain’s natural way of working, giving you exceptional sound.   For discreetness their … [read more]

Lumity NEW hearing aids

New Audeo Lumity hearing aids available now. Current hearing aid users always request ‘better hearing in background noise’ so this is Lumity’s main focus. Lumity will help you to fully immerse in conversations in any environment. There are 3 models, currently available as rechargeable only – Audeo Lumity R, Audeo Lumity RT with a telecoil, … [read more]

Our Hearing Newsletter ‘Hearsay’

Our newsletter Hearsay shows you everything new at our independent hearing clinics in Golders Green, Harley Street and our new clinic in Swiss Cottage. We are also Musicians’ Hearing Services and have been testing and protecting the entertainment industry’s hearing for over 25 years. You can demo new hearing aid technology with one of our … [read more]

For all your hearing needs

Our clinic at HCA Healthcare in Golders Green is open Monday to Friday for all your hearing needs.  Whether you have some concerns about your hearing, need new hearing aids or would like instant ear wax removal.  We’ll be delighted to see you.

New Hearing Clinic Golders Green

We’ve moved our hearing clinic to the 3rd floor within the Wellington Outpatients and Diagnostics Centre in Golders Green. We wanted to let you know that we continue to run our usual service and are here for all your hearing needs. We are operating under strict Covid Safe guidelines to ensure that you have a pleasant and relaxed experience, but our key aim in these difficult times, is to ensure you are also kept safe.  So, if you’re coming in … [read more]

Golders Green hearing clinic now open again

Golders Green hearing clinic – we are now open again 9am – 5pm.   We can offer face-to-face appointments or online consultations if you would prefer not to come into the practice.  If you were due to have your annual review during the past few months, please call us.  We have implemented appropriate social distancing measures and your audiologist will be wearing various … [read more]

Jewish Tribune: dementia link to hearing loss

Paul Checkley – Clinical Director of the Harley Street Hearing, was interviewed by the Jewish Tribune on the importance of maintaining healthy hearing to stave off the risk of dementia as isolation is a key factor. If you have a family member who is struggling to contribute in social situations call us on 020 8455 … [read more]

Jewish Chronicle Hearing

North London Hearing’s audiologist, Melissa Korn, was interviewed by the Jewish Chronicle on the importance of having a regular hearing test, and how identifying a hearing loss early and taking steps to correct it is beneficial, not just for the social aspects, but to allow us to stay engaged in conversations with those around us.  Click … [read more]

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Musicians Hearing Services

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