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To protect the wellbeing of our patients and staff, and in the light of government advice, we have made the very difficult decision to temporarily close our clinics.

However, we will work hard to support you during this difficult time, our phone line will be manned remotely between 9am-5.30pm, on 020 7486 1053, and we have put some emergency measures in place to keep you hearing:


Please send them to 2 Harley Street, London W1G 9PA.  We will contact you on receipt but they may take longer than usual to get back to you.


Simply contact us and we can send them to you.


If you have recently been provided with new hearing aids there are extensions available for a longer return period, just contact us and we can arrange this for you.


Where possible we can schedule a call – contact us.


We can send you programmed replacements if you already self-insert.  Or for an emergency please contact us.

We will continue to update you with any changes and we look forward to welcoming you into the clinic again when the current situation has improved.

Keep well and see you soon.

Your Harley Street Hearing & North London Hearing Team

e-mail: [email protected]

Paul Checkley – Clinical Director of the Harley Street Hearing, was interviewed by the Jewish Tribune on the importance of maintaining healthy hearing to stave off the risk of dementia as isolation is a key factor. If you have a family member who is struggling to contribute in social situations call us on 020 8455 6361.  To read the full article click here Jewish Tribune Feb 2020.


We are pleased to offer all JC readers and family members a FREE hearing consultation with one of our specialist clinical audiologists.

This includes a hearing evaluation and provides the opportunity to discuss any concerns in a relaxed and friendly environment. We can also discuss and demonstrate the latest technologies available to help.

To book a FREE consultation please complete below or call 020 8455 6361

We look forward to seeing you soon for all your family’s hearing needs.

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How can we help you


North London Hearing’s audiologist, Melissa Korn, was interviewed by the Jewish Chronicle on the importance of having a regular hearing test, and how identifying a hearing loss early and taking steps to correct it is beneficial, not just for the social aspects, but to allow us to stay engaged in conversations with those around us.  Click the image to see the full article below.


LIVIO is the world’s very first hearing aid with Artificial Intelligence (AI).

This is a hearing aid within a class of its own.

This new technology is completely revolutionary. It features integrated sensors and AI (this means it performs tasks that normally require human intelligence).

It’s proven that hearing health is directly connected to overall health and well-being.  Meaning those who can hear can engage with the world around them and live healthier and better lives.  Early treatment for hearing loss can improve or limit cognitive decline and dementia.

Some of the unique features of LIVIO:-

  • Up to 30% improvement in speech understanding in noisy environments
  • Significant improvements in sharpness and clarity
  • Automatically and instantly adapts to the environment to optimise challenging situations
  • Built-in activity tracker – to support hearing health and fitness
  • Manages balance and spatial awareness
  • Detects if you fall and alerts your chosen contact

Want to be one of the first to trial LIVIO in the UK?

Call us to book the next available trial appointment on 020 8455 6361 or complete below

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How can we help you


We are London’s leading independent hearing clinics and have been established for over 25 years.

We know that customer care is fundamental to a successful audiology clinic.

Having a hearing loss can be isolating and hard to accept, because of this we treat every patient with care and understanding, and pay particular attention to their individual hearing needs.

The majority of our patients come to us by recommendation or by referral from some of the most well-known ENT specialists in the UK.

We have clinics in Golders Green, 2 Harley Street, 7 Devonshire Street and Herne Hill.

Come in for a hearing consultation with one of our team of highly trained audiologists or call us with any hearing concerns we’ll be happy to help.

We have highly trained Hearing Therapists who can help manage your Tinnitus, our Clinical Ear Practitioners provide instant wax removal and we can also help with any bespoke hearing protection.

Call 020 8455 6361 or complete below

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How can we help you


BBC ‘Click’ reviewed new hearing technology and requested the assistance of Harley Street Hearing Partner Matthew Allsop to trial and give his feedback.  To watch the programme please click on the image below, Matthew’s review starts half way through the programme at 15 minutes.

Click BBC News

Hear Here, London’s social network for those affected by hearing loss, celebrated it’s first anniversary at JP Morgan’s in Bank Street.

We were joined by over 100 friends for an evening of networking and exchanging ideas with BSL interpreters.

Inspirational speakers included:-

  • Andrey Erofeev – JP Morgan employee talking about his experiences with hearing loss
  • Gianluca Trompetta – founder of Hearing Hacks and Get Super Human Hearing
  • Karian Hojgaard– from the REGAIN project
  • Jaspreet BahraHear Here creator and Harley Street Hearing Senior Audiologist
  • Nicholas Hamilton – Executive Director of JP Morgan – the evening’s sponsor

Anyone wanting to join our next Hear Here evening please click here

Jaspreet Bahra

Gianluca Trombetta

Andrey Erofeev

Karian Hojgaard

Nicholas Hamilton

Until now hearing aids were only available to connect to smart phones.

Phonak has now created a hearing aid Audeo B-Direct which connects directly to any mobile phone, regardless of the brand or operating system, as long as it has Bluetooth®, you’re good to go.


Audéo B-Direct also easily connects to your TV.  This is achieved using a small media hub, called Phonak TV Connector, turning the hearing aids into wireless TV headphones. You can now enjoy excellent stereo sound quality from your TV while those around you can listen at a comfortable volume level.

No need to stop what you’re doing to answer your mobile, you can now take calls hands-free directly though your hearing aids.

 So if you’d like to be one of the first to trial this hearing aid; or perhaps you don’t have hearing aids but feel now now is the time to get your hearing (or even a family member’s hearing) tested.

Call us, we are London’s leading independent hearing clinics on 020 8455 6361,  or e-mail us.  We’ll be delighted to see you.


Clinical Director Paul Checkley was interviewed by Global News after a new, international study concluded that up to a third of dementia cases might be preventable; with hearing loss being the TOP modifiable dementia risk.
The findings from an international commission of 24 leading experts from around the world were published in the prestigious journal, The Lancet.

Many people don’t realise that they risk loosing much more than their hearing.  Hearing loss can lead to isolation and depression and put you more at risk of dementia.  Anyone who has concerns that their hearing is not what it used to be should get their hearing tested.

Harley Street Hearing are London’s leading independent hearing clinics.

Phonak Titanium

Titanium hearing aidsTitanium is 15 times stronger than the traditionally used acrylic in hearing aids.  These new hearing aids are the smallest invisible-in-the-ear-canal hearing aids ever made; produced from medical grade titanium, using 3D printing technology.

Because Titanium is so strong these new hearing aid shells are only 0.2mm thick – half the thickness of existing acrylic shells.  60% smaller electronic components together with a smaller integrated microphone makes the new  Virto B Titanium 26% smaller than any other invisible-in-the-ear hearing aid. 

Call 020 8455 6361 to trial the new Virto B Titanium.

Lyric inside ear

Lyric hearing aid“Going to North London Hearing has changed my life so much for the better. Without my Lyric hearing aids I would not be able to work as a teacher, would be nervous of going into company and I think would also be in danger from not hearing traffic etc.

I first went to North London Hearing some years ago and got an efficient ordinary hearing aid, which worked well. When something went wrong with it, or I needed a check-up, I was told about the Lyric and wanted to try that in one ear (now I have one in both ears).

I have always found the clinic in Golders Green and in Harley Street to be friendly, caring, completely professional and supportive.

Full of satisfaction and praise for all of them and happy to recommend them to anyone who might be interested.”

Brigid Panet (patient at North London Hearing)

To find out more about Lyric click here

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