Lyric, the first "invisible" hearing aid that really is 100% invisible.

Who's wearing the Hearing Aid? Lyric, the first "invisible" hearing aid that really is 100% invisible

box_PaulCheckleyLyric is 100% invisible!

No one can see it – even from inches away. But you can sleep in it, shower in it, swim in it*– and wear it for months without taking it out. So the answer to the question above – “Who’s Wearing The Hearing Aid?” is both of them!

*see Lyric FAQ’s

Lyric is effortless

No daily insertion or removal, battery changes or maintenance. People who wear Lyric say they no longer feel like a hearing aid user!

Find out more about LyricSound Quality

Unlike other digital technology which mimics natural sound, Lyric takes natural sound and makes you hear better.

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