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North London Hearing – 020 8455 6361– 296 Golders Green Road, Wellington Diagnostics and Outpatients Centre.  As London’s Leading Independent Hearing Clinics, we are proud to introduce this breakthrough hearing device, which requires no handling and remains in your ear 24/7.

As an independent practice we  provide the latest generation hearing technology from all major hearing instrument manufacturers  


Seasons Greetings to all our patients

Over the Christmas week we are open on Friday 30th, 9am -5.30pm, if you need any assistance on Wednesday 28th or Thursday 29th please call 020 8455 6361 to speak to our Harley Street clinic.  We are then open from Tuesday 3rd January as normal.  We wish you all a wonderful 2017.


BEYOND made-for-iPhone hearing aids

This new made-for-iPhone hearing aid is designed to deliver a high level of connectivity and sound.  With an intuitive swipe-function app, personalised sound programs, and multiple ways of connecting. Other BEYOND highlights include: A clean sound hearing aid rated by wearers as significantly better than others. Brilliant sound – even when streaming. Up to 30% … [read more]

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Musicians Hearing Health Scheme

This scheme gives all professional musicians in the UK affordable access to specialist hearing assessments and hearing protection,for a one-off fee of £40 (£30 for MU members). Brought to you in partnership with Help Musicians UK, Musicians Hearing Services and the Musicians’ Union, to create the Musicians Hearing Health Scheme.  For further info and how to … [read more]

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Hearing Aids London

Hearing is often something we take for granted. Hearing loss only becomes a real issue when your friends and family start to notice you are mishearing things; or you’re asking people to repeat themselves. This can often lead you to feeling isolated and withdrawn, it can also mean loved ones become frustrated with repeating constantly. Seeking … [read more]


Ahh – the joy of sound after microsuction

“I have just had microsuction treatment at your clinic for impacted ear wax which was proving very stubborn to remove. I was treated by Ayesha, she was truly professional and sympathetic with a caring attitude. May I take this opportunity to thank her for returning my hearing to normal, I’m truly delighted.  Ahh, – the joy of sound.  Your receptionist took my … [read more]

Lyric 3.1 awards Greg, Paul & Jaz

Europe’s Most successful Lyric Centre

We are officially the “Outstanding Lyric Centre 2015” chosen as the most successful Lyric Centre in Europe and the rest of the world (outside of the USA), by worldwide hearing aid manufacturer, Phonak. Our sister clinic, North West Hearing, in Cheadle-Greater Manchester, was also named the best new Lyric Centre. Pictured above from left to … [read more]

Audiologist of the Year

Audiologists of the Year 2013-2015

The Harley Street Hearing group have been chosen 2 years running for Audiologist of the Year; Ms Jaspreet Bahra(2013/14) Senior Audiologist at Harley Street Hearing and Dr Greg Nassar (2014/15)  Clinical Services Manager at North West Hearing. Now in its eighth year, the respected award encourages nominations for professionals who excel in their duties and is a … [read more]

Musicians Hearing Services

Musicians Hearing Services

North London Hearing Health Tips

North London Hearing Tips



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